Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is social media a devil on your shoulder or an angel by your side?


Social media and startups know each other well, but it was not always this way. And, even now, the relationship is not a totally happy one



Back in the early 2000s, using social media meant sitting at a desktop computer, putting up with dial-up Internet, and going on MySpace, MSN or Orkut. Startups had nothing to do with this world.

So no one could have predicted that, in just over a decade’s time, social media and startups would become inseparable. No startup can be without its Twitter handle, Facebook page, hashtag or YouTube profile. If it is not on social media, it does so at its own peril. Multinational businesses can, very occasionally, get away with it (to this day, Apple does not have an official Facebook or Twitter page) but startups cannot afford to be as shy.

Although, this does mean that social media and startups always get along. One pizza place in Indiana was publicly shamed on social media after it refused service to a same-sex couple. Over the course of one day, the business’ rating on Yelp went from five stars to 1.4 and on Twitter, the company’s handle and hashtag were trolled relentlessly. As a result, Memories Pizza finally closed down.

Of course, the reason for people’s aggravation was the restaurant owners’ prejudice. However, their ability to voice said aggravation was given to them by social media.

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